Faurecia is inspiring the future of mobility through developing technologies for Sustainable Mobility and personalized experiences for the Cockpit of the Future.

At the same time, we offer solutions to meet the challenges of future generations. We are inspired to care for the planet, our business and society.

This is our approach to sustainability.

Climate change affects all people and communities on our planet, and we all have a role to play in limiting its progression. We want to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2030.

Based on the most rigorous and conclusive scientific facts, we have established a route, validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and compatible with the reduction necessary to maintain global warming at 1.5 ° C. Faurecia's route corresponds to the Accord from Paris and is the most ambitious of the thresholds proposed by SBTi.

To achieve our goals, we partner with experts and invest in energy efficiency projects at our production sites. Our plan is based on three stages:

We are a Top Employer company

For the third consecutive year, Faurecia México received the Top Employer certification for its excellence in Human Resources practices.

The sustainability strategies, commitment and the values ​​implemented in the company were some of the best rated topics.


“The greatest strength of Faurecia is the commitment, professionalism and diversity of the teams, united through a shared culture that allows them to achieve results and create value. Within Faurecia, employees can create a development plan. In them, the competences to be improved are identified and an action plan is drawn up. In addition, in some cases, geographic mobility and unique training programs are offered, including trainings through ”Faurecia University”. Complementing the wide range of development options are coaching and mentoring programs to encourage employees to become the leaders of tomorrow ”.

Adrián Dingfelder, Director of Human Resources at Faurecia México.


To date, Top Employers Institute has certified and recognized more than 1,500 companies around the world, which have shown that better work environments can be offered to strengthen them, while promoting training and commitment to society.

Thanks to you, we keep improving!


As part of our corporate social responsibility, Faurecia launches the Faurecia Foundation in 2019, to support innovative and future initiatives around 3 main pillars: education, mobility, and the environment.

The Faurecia Foundation aims to contribute to the construction of a fairer, more mobile and more environmentally friendly society in order to preserve the planet for future generations. Each year, Faurecia employees are invited to submit projects that have a social impact and require time or financial resources. Projects can be managed by our employees themselves or in partnership with non-profit organizations.

The Foundation also intervened in 2020, when the world was facing a major health crisis, providing donations to support research projects, local social professionals and charities working with the most vulnerable populations.

For more information on the projects supported by the Faurecia Foundation in 2020, click here.

ReFauresta, a project where Faurecia, Una Nueva Esperanza and Humanife teams up for the same cause.

Through the Foundation and with the conviction that companies should have a positive impact on society, ReFauresta was born.

ReFauresta is the winning initiative by the North American region for the environment pillar. It’s a project for which we will build a greenhouse to produce endemic trees that will be used for reforestation in the state of Puebla.

For this, we have formed a great team! Together with Una Nueva Esperanza and Humanife, we want to stop deforestation. In addition, the money raised from the sale of these trees will be donated to Una Nueva Esperanza in support of children with cancer.

Faurecia is committed to maintaining a high level of compliance within the sector and in its relationships with stakeholders. The objective of the staff is to promote growth based on socially responsible actions and behaviors in all the countries in which it operates and in all its fields of activity.

  • Faurecia adheres to the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • Faurecia's ethical culture is embodied in its Code of Ethics allowing the group to create value for all its stakeholders. Is structured around four themes: respect for fundamental rights, the development of economic and social dialogue, the development of skills, ethics, and rules of conduct.
  • The group has an anti-corruption code of conduct and a guide to best practices on anti-competitive practices. These rules cover the following topics: gift and hospitality policy; donations and sponsorships; management of conflicts of interest; "golden rules" of competition law.
  • Faurecia regularly communicates about its ethical culture and will continue to do so to ensure that all its business partners adhere to these practices. The group will continue to adhere to high standards of ethics and compliance.

In addition, and if a Faurecia employee finds that these rules are not respected, but if he witnesses behavior that does not comply with Faurecia's ethical standards or a risky situation according to certain regulations, it is his responsibility to express himself by contacting a regular contact or via Faurecia's reporting line.

Encouraging employees to express themselves is the foundation of one of Faurecia's convictions: "counter-power creates value".

Faurecia has zero tolerance for non-compliance and encourages anyone, at any time and wherever necessary, to speak out freely to report any problems without fear of reprisal.

The group also bases its sustainable development approach on recognized methodologies and external partners who are experts in their respective fields.

Since 2017, Faurecia has been working with its partner EcoVadis to conduct an in-depth assessment of its suppliers, focusing on their ethical, social, and environmental practices, for a more sustainable value chain. 80% of direct suppliers are currently evaluated by EcoVadis.

In 2019, Faurecia evaluated by EcoVadis as a supplier for its customers, ranks in the Gold category with a score of 63/100 and is in the top 1% of companies in its category.