Smart solutions for automotive interiors: multi-layer innovation

Cockpit of the future
Soluciones COF

Consumer-centric solutions for safety and comfort in vehicle interiors

A study into consumer preference with regards to vehicle interiors involving over 900 participants showed that thermal comfort is a top three priority in France, China and the United States. Reducing time to sensation and time to comfort with little to no impact on cost are key challenges in temperature control functionalities. These two factors are also crucial to saving energy, especially in battery electric vehicles.

In the realm of safety, Faurecia already offers smart actuation technologies with safety features fully integrated into cockpit systems. Consumer studies have shown that synchronizing lighting features with safety alerts strengthens the warning and enhances the driver’s peace of mind.

The starting point for developing and synchronizing these technologies is always the user. Ensuring these features respond to or anticipate needs, are simple to use or upgrade, and give the right information at the right time are essential to advancing human-centric technological solutions in mobility. Through intuitive HMI across the vehicle interior, users can manage a range of personalized features that enhance comfort and safety."

- Anthony Lucy, Innovation manager at Faurecia Inte

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