Faurecia experts discuss the trends that are setting the automotive industry

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Big trends are reshaping the face of the auto industry and mobility is at a turning point. Connectivity in vehicles, autonomous driving, caring for the environment and new technologies have radically altered the experience we live inside our cars.

As one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in the world, Faurecia held the round table "Let's talk: inspiring the future of mobility", where a group of experts discussed the trends that are setting the course for the Automotive industry.

During his presentation Jorge Gómez, Director of Business Solutions at IDC Mexico, offered an overview of the moment the automotive industry is experiencing, highlighting the megatrends that are reshaping the sector: from the relevance of data to knowing and meeting the needs of consumers, going through the consolidation of infotainment on board; to the development and adoption of vehicles with alternative energy sources.

Faurecia's mission is to develop technologies for Sustainable Mobility and create personalized experiences for the Cockpit of the Future. At a time when hydrogen mobility is rapidly gaining momentum, the organization has invested more than € 160 million in R&D, manufacturing, strategic alliances and acquisitions over the past three years, enabling the company to accelerate its presence in this sector.

Christophe Aufrère, Group Technical Director and Senior Vice President of Faurecia, highlighted:


Climate change affects all people and communities on our planet, and we all have a role to play in limiting its progression. For this reason, Faurecia believes that companies must make a positive contribution to society. Sustainable mobility is an essential element of our mission. Hydrogen is a key driver for this, and Faurecia has the ambition to become a world leader. We have accepted the challenge of designing vehicles not only safer, more comfortable and personalized, but also vehicles with sustainability in mind.”


For Faurecia, innovation is essential and supports its transformation strategy. With 39 Research and Development Centers, the company has designed the Cockpit of the Future based on a customer-centered approach, respecting the individuality of the passengers, with sound, air conditioning, comfort and entertainment solutions for each of the occupants.

For his part, Karim Chaiblaine, Head of Global Advanced Sales and Key Account for New Participants of the Faurecia Group, from the Cockpit of the Future mentioned:


Connected autonomous vehicles and mobility as a service (MAAS) will radically change the time we spend on board . Our goal is to understand the consumer and offer solutions that fit and meet your needs. For this reason, we have a robust team of engineers who are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions to achieve three objectives: produce technology for sustainable mobility, create personalized mobility experiences, as well as solutions that address future needs and challenges."


Adam Thomas, Vice President of Product for Faurecia Clarion Electronics North America noted:


The company has taken a holistic approach to developing the Cockpit of the Future, with the goal of providing drivers and passengers with a safe, intuitive and more enjoyable mobility experience. Industry researchers suggest that by 2025 more than 80% of vehicles will be connected to the internet, so as in-car connectivity increases, vehicles will become a digital enabler for everything we want to do online."


Faurecia's Cockpit of the Future and Sustainable Mobility innovations are focused on providing a safer, more comfortable, and personalized journey and helping to ensure cleaner and more environmentally responsible transportation.

From energy efficient technologies to connected and predictive cabs, Faurecia is creating long-term value by providing solutions to meet the needs of future generations.